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Violent Femmes-2 Mics and The Truth Unplugged and Unhinged In America-2017-FATHEAD

01 Blister In The Sun (WXRV)
02 Im Nothing (PASTE)
03 Its Gonna Rain (PASTE)
04 Breaking Up (WFUV)
05 Good For / At Nothing (WFUV)
06 American Music (KINK)
07 Gone Daddy Gone / I Just Wanna Make Love To You (WXPN)
08 I Could Be Anything (WFUV)
09 Rejoice And Be Happy (KCMP)
10 Add It Up (WFUV)
11 You Move Me (WXPN)
12 Issues (KCMP)
13 Run With It (WFUV)
14 Ugly (WXRV)
15 Kiss Off (WXRV)
16 Jesus Walking On The Water (WFUV)
17 Prove My Love (WFUV)
18 Country Death Song (WFUV)
19 Untrue Love (PASTE)