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rocketchick99Any chance of getting The Umbrella Academy Season 2? I heard it was pretty good, and season 1 was crazy!35 min 10 sec ago
rocketchick99Thank you AJSO! I hope you're staying healthy & safe!1 day 21 hours ago
AJSONew fresh links for Stargirl S01E12 added... Enjoy2 days 8 hours ago - manager
fandaorHello, Stargirl.S01E12.720p.WEB.H264-BTX and Stargirl.S01E12.WEBRip.x264-ION10 have been deleted from Nitroflare... any chance of a reup please ?2 days 11 hours ago
rocketchick99The Stargirl Rapidgator link (Stargirl.S01E12.WEBRip.x264-ION10) says 'FIle Not found.' Any chance of a reup, please? 🙂4 days 4 hours ago
freddieeeeThanks so much, @AJSO! 🙌1 week 5 days ago
AJSO@freddieeee: fixed. TNX 😉1 week 6 days ago - manager
freddieeee@AJSO Hey! It looks as though the Nitroflare links for "The Rental" is actually the film "Never Too Late". Could you kind re-upload please?1 week 6 days ago
AJSO@ALL: NitroFlare is making some maintenence to their servers. Uploading is disable. All new posts are on stand by.2 weeks 3 days ago - manager
tlcamerica1946Thank you ASJO2 weeks 4 days ago
AJSO@tlcamerica1946: Defending Jacob is already posted and links are alive. Please use search...2 weeks 5 days ago - manager
tlcamerica1946Sorry that"s Defending Jacob2 weeks 5 days ago
tlcamerica1946ASJO, could you upload Saving Jacob that is streaming on Apple TV? Thanks for keeping this board up for all us Stay At Home Dad"s2 weeks 5 days ago
AJSO@Woundedtiger: new link added...2 weeks 6 days ago - manager
WoundedtigerI found briarpatch in the search except for episode seven3 weeks 2 hours ago
Woundedtigerhave any briarpatch season one? I could use episodes 6-103 weeks 10 hours ago
Daisysue70Thanks a million @AJSO works just fine now :)3 weeks 1 day ago
AJSO@Daisysue70: new links added, try now...3 weeks 2 days ago - manager
Daisysue70AJSO Masterchef Australia Episode 58 won't play have tried redownloading and still nothing. Thank you3 weeks 2 days ago
freddieeeehey @AJSO ✌ I was wondering whether you could upload the new Hulu show "Love, Victor"? thank you!4 weeks 2 hours ago
freddieeee@AJSO: Perfection, thanks a lot!1 month 2 days ago
AJSO@freddieeee: new links added. Let me know 😉1 month 2 days ago - manager
freddieeeeHey @AJSO! Upon unzipping, the Hamilton file doesn't load. Could you kindly double-check and re-up? Thanks so much1 month 3 days ago
tlcamerica1946none of your Saturdy uploads for music are available. Can you reupload? Thanks1 month 1 week ago
AJSO@fgallick I double check and here is problem with this release. We will wait for some better source.1 month 2 weeks ago - manager
fgallickHi I just double checked the time it goes faulty and according to my viewing software (VLC) the sound and timer stops at 1 hr 13 mins 13 secs althought the timer stops and the sound stops the picture runs on for a short time then jumps to the credits, just wanted to be precise in my times.1 month 2 weeks ago
fgallickHi, I was watching Artemis Fowl and at 1 hr 11 mins into the film the sound disappears and then it jumps to the credits. Is there any chance of another version? Thanks1 month 2 weeks ago
sancar78Hello, any updates on RuPaul all stars new episode?1 month 2 weeks ago
freddieeee@AJSO: Thanks so much!1 month 3 weeks ago
AJSONew links for Penny Dreadful City Of Angels added. Enjoy...1 month 3 weeks ago - manager